Hello, Commander.

Starting today, XCOM 2 on PC can now be played using a controller. XCOM 2 has plug & play compatibility with both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers. Alternate controller options may require additional user adjustments. Fans have been requesting controller support and we’re glad to deliver.

We have been hard at work tailoring the interface specifically for controllers so that it provides a level of comfort and accessibility that our players expect. The intel below shows exactly how controllers will work both in the strategy layer, as well as on the battlefield.  

The patch that adds controller support along with various minor fixes will automatically install when starting the Steam client. If it doesn’t install automatically, please restart Steam.

While controller support adds a new way for Commanders playing on PC to experience XCOM 2, we’re excited to show you how combining it with the game’s versatile modding capabilities can open up an interesting new view into the Resistance, you may not have seen before.

Learn how PC players can utilize full camera control to experience XCOM from a new perspective.

See the complete list of PATCH 7 changes below:

Rest assured that we are dedicated to enhancing the XCOM 2 experience across all platforms. Stay tuned for more updates!