As witnessed during the invasion in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the aliens unleashed hordes of Floaters to attack and subdue the human population; however, the aliens quickly found out that humanity did not respond well to the Floater’s horrific marriage of flesh and robotics. Something had to be done.

And so the Archon, an evolutionary step forward, was born. Archons were designed to be more regal and present humanity with a god-like visage, but behind that countenance is a calculating killer. 

Should you meet an Archon on the battlefield, be mindful of its ability to fly. Once flight is initiated, the Archon can use its Blazing Pinions ability – a targeted area-of-effect attack that unleashes hell from the sky. Additionally, any wounded Archon will enter a frenzied state enabling them to melee attack nearby operatives. Central would advise that you dispatch any wandering Archons with your most skilled Sharpshooter, Commander.



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XCOM 2 comes to PC worldwide on February 5, 2016.