For each video game that is made, there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of concept art and touchstone imagery that is never seen by the public. The art that was created during the development of XCOM 2 is so good, we couldn’t let it suffer the unseen fate that has befallen so much concept art before it - and so we’ve asked Insight Editions to compile it all into one massive tome.

The Art of XCOM 2 features images from every phase of development, from initial sketches right on down to paintings of fully-detailed environments. You can see early versions of enemy units, XCOM classes and even characters vital to the narrative arc of XCOM 2. In addition to that, The Art of XCOM 2 even includes first-hand accounts from key artists and developers on the project.

You can pick up this hardbound book for $39.99 on the 2K Store right here. If you'd like to pre-order XCOM 2, you can do so here.