When playing XCOM 2, you’re sure to stumble upon a Point of Interest or two within the Geoscape. Each of these Points of Interest include an evocative illustration, and this blog series aims to highlight some of our favorites while offering greater context on what each individual piece is meant to convey. This week, we’re looking at images themed around The Resistance in XCOM 2.

This piece is called “Approach.” Greg Foertsch, Art Director on XCOM 2, says the goal of this image was to show XCOM reaching out to connect with what is left of humanity after 20 years of operating within the shadows. “We have juxtaposed the Avenger, a symbol of the Resistance, with very recognizable human elements in the truck and the wheat field. The Avenger is landed in a field, a truck has pulled up alongside but is dwarfed by the immense size of the Avenger, symbolizing the hope that XCOM provides for the people living outside the limits of the ADVENT City Centers.” 

This piece is called “Battleship” and depicts a wrecked alien battleship from the first war. “The Skyranger is before it, looking like a small toy as it is dwarfed by the alien ship establishing the enormity of the war that XCOM has undertaken,” Foertsch says. “XCOM 2 is very much a David versus Goliath story and this image represents that story perfectly.”

You should recognize the subject of this piece, titled “Avenger.” The image “shows the relentless growth of the forest and the resiliency of the earth and how XCOM is a part of that resiliency,” Foertsch adds. “Within the scene, the Avenger rests at peace with nature. The Avenger is keeping watch, always vigilant and forever protecting Earth.”

The next piece of POI art is called “Stadium,” and rightfully so. “The sports stadium in the image is overgrown and in disrepair,” Foertsch says. “It symbolizes a life with recreation and joy that no longer exists. The Skyranger is parked in the center of the playing field representing XCOM’s connection to that previous life for humanity. They refuse to let go of all that the world has lost.”

Our final piece this week is called “Vive Le Resistance” and is meant to communicate hope for the Resistance and XCOM. “A ragged banner with the resistance symbol hangs from a small brick building beside a large radio tower and is encircled by razor wire and sandbags. The Resistance is becoming more established and is finally gaining a foothold reaching remote areas around the globe,” Foertsch says. “The materials used here with the cloth, brick and metal are very human and sharply contrast those used by the ADVENT and the Aliens in the City Centers.”

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