One of XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s most formidable enemies is undoubtedly the Chryssalid. In XCOM 2, the Chryssalid poses an even greater threat due to its expanded skill set.

Chryssalids can burrow now, allowing them to hide beneath the surface and pounce on unsuspecting XCOM soldiers. And, should they pounce, your soldiers are in even greater danger as each attack from a Chryssalid has a chance to poison your soldier. Should your soldier perish while poisoned, they will transform into a cocoon and enter a sort of gestation period. After a set amount of turns, if that cocoon is not destroyed, it will birth three Chryssalids.

It’s not just soldiers, either, as Chryssalids can attack any citizens on a map and cause the same kind of rapid reproduction. The Chryssalid is truly nightmare made flesh. 

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