XCOM 2’s fifth class of soldier is the Psi Operative, an optional – yet highly powerful - psionic soldier that is the product of intense training within the Avenger’s Psi Lab facility.

After a rookie soldier completes their training within the Psi Lab, they will randomly receive 1 of 4 possible starting abilities and be ready for deployment. Psi Operatives are recognizable by their white hair and purple eyes, though players may change this at any time in the Armory.

Psi Operatives are able to return to the Psi Lab for further training at any time. When a Psi Operative learns a new ability, they advance in rank. Once the top rank (Magus) is achieved, they may still learn new abilities but will not receive a new rank.

This class wields an Assault Rifle as well as a Psi Amp – the conduit through which Psi Operatives focus their psionic energy in unique and devastating ways. Abilities include offensive attacks such as Soulfire, which doles out guaranteed psionic damage, and Fuse, which causes an enemy’s explosives to be remotely detonated on their person. Defensive capabilities include Stasis shields for teammates, and the ability to become immune to fire, poison, acid and explosive damage with the Fortress ability.

Arguably, the Psi Operative’s most powerful ability is Domination, which allows the soldier to permanently mind control a single enemy on the battlefield and turn it into an ally. Only one successful Domination can be performed per mission.

This is just a small fraction of what the Psi Operative can do in XCOM 2. Find out what this psionic soldier is capable of when XCOM 2 launches worldwide on February 5, 2016.