Incoming Transmission: Missions Received

August 03 2015
Incoming Transmission: Missions Receive

Welcome back, Commander. XCOM needs you to guide our operative in a series of classified operations taking place at Gamescom, Germany. We are on the brink of collapse, but new information suggests that we can regain our footing.

In order to maximise on this opportunity, we need you to guide our operative in three missions over the next three days. It is imperative that these succeed, for the good of mankind.


We will be utilising a covert streaming technology to avoid detection called Periscope. Access to this will be available via a link posted each day before the mission starts on @XCOM and For maximum input, you will need a smart phone to help deliver instructions to our operative via Periscope; however these missions can also be followed directly from your PC with no extra work required from your side.


Here is a breakdown of your mission brief Commander:


  • Wednesday, August 5th – #XCOMHunt. Our scouts have identified that an ADVENT soldier will move into the area and must be dealt with. Our operative will need your commands given via Periscope in order to eliminate the threat.
  • Thursday, August 6th – #XCOMLocate. We must locate a series of hidden packages left behind by our operative on the inside. Once decoded, this information should prove very valuable to us. You must guide the operative via Periscope on this mission to retrieve all the packages from around the Gamescom 2K consumer area.
  • Friday, August 7th – #XCOMSecure. We have confirmed that a VIP will be transported by ADVENT through the area on this day. With your guidance, we will secure the VIP and gain vital knowledge for the fight for humanity’s survival.

The exact mission times will be revealed on each day via @XCOM and Our current approximate start time for each mission is in the afternoon, local German time.


Remember Commander, each mission marks a possible victory for XCOM. If successful, this is the start to a long battle to reclaim our planet and save humanity. If we fail….do not fail.