Congratulations Commander! The reports suggest that these missions were a success thanks to your guidance. Due to an unforeseen ADVENT ambush, we saw our only failure on day one where we lost one of our brave soldiers. Luckily, this didn’t stop any of you, as day two saw a huge success! With the packages retrieved, you were able to establish valuable intel which led to information about the VIP’s location. Without this and your careful guidance, day three may not have been the victory that it was and we may not have extracted the VIP. As it stands, the VIP is now with us in the fight against ADVENT.

On August 5th, unfortunately we suffered the loss of our operative, a mistake we must not make again. Today we honour those who gave their lives; in particular, Rupert Jackson, who gave his life for the success of this operation. He was always willing to put his team first and for that, we have lost a great soldier and a great friend.

Name: Rupert “RJ” Jackson

Hometown: Canterbury

Nationality: English

Rank: Sergeant

Class: Specialist

Achievements of note: Extracted a soldier from combat under heavy fire, resulted in zero casualties and the capture of valuable intel.

If you want to join the fight against the ADVENT Administration and restore our humanity, XCOM 2 will be available this November.