It wasn’t long after the alien invaders arrived that Earth’s governments were forced to offer an unconditional surrender. Then, the ADVENT cities were built – monolithic metropolises meant to beguile people into thinking the aliens had humanity’s best interests at heart. ADVENT promised a cure to all disease and crime, but they never said it would cost our freedom.

Insight Editions’ XCOM 2: Resurrection, the official prequel novel to XCOM 2 from author Greg Keyes, tells the story of Amar Tan, a promising recruit in the barely-hanging-on guerrilla resistance network that still dares to combat ADVENT outside of Gulf City.



Amar and his squad find their lives irrevocably changed one day when they stumble upon an SOS signal from an enigmatic man who claims to know a secret that could change everything. Can Amar and his squad survive encounters with Sectoids, Chryssalids and scores of ADVENT troopers hell-bent on stomping out all resistance? Find out when XCOM 2: Resurrection is available for purchase on November 10, 2015.

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