The Sectoid from XCOM: Enemy Unknown makes a return in XCOM 2, but even the least-observant soldier on the battlefield is bound to notice some new characteristics. See how the Sectoid is taller and almost human-like now? That’s no coincidence!

Through human gene manipulation, the alien invaders have managed to breed a new version of the Sectoid. This improved Sectoid gains a hefty, intimidating frame, all while retaining its well-known psionic abilities. One such ability is called Mindspin, a roulette-type mental attack that has a chance to disorient a soldier. Mind Control also makes a return, though in XCOM 2 it’ll be a much more early-game threat.

As for weaponry, Sectoids will once again brandish their patented wrist-mounted blaster. The Sectoid pictured above must have forgotten its weapon at home.

Concept art of early versions of  the Sectoid face

However, no amount of human genes,  can keep the Sectoid’s face from looking downright grotesque. The same can be said for its lipless mouth and grotesque rows of teeth.

The Sectoid will once again be an early-game enemy in XCOM 2, but this time around the alien trooper will not be the first roadblock in XCOM’s path to victory. Sectoids in XCOM 2 will almost serve as a sort of superior to ADVENT’s grunts. And using their Psi Reanimate ability, these improved Sectoids can now raise anyone from the dead – ADVENT soldiers, civilians and, yes, even XCOM soldiers.

Concept art of an early version of the XCOM 2 Sectoid

XCOM 2 launches on PC worldwide February 5, 2016. For more information, be sure to sign up for our newsletter