You aren’t safe.

There’s nowhere to run.

There’s nowhere to hide.

You have to face this, because you cannot evade … the Viper.

XCOM 2’s Viper unit, the evolution of XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s Thin Man, is arguably one of the most dangerous foes threatening XCOM. With her long tongue, the Viper can pull your units from cover and draw them out into the open. Get close enough to the Viper and she will pounce, wrapping her lengthy reptilian frame around your soldier with her Bind ability - which, if left unchallenged, will eventually drop your soldier.

A Viper exits an ADVENT convoy and prepares to strike at XCOM

As if that wasn’t enough to fear, this genetic abomination also carries a gun. So, in the situation where a Viper is unable to get close to your units, she can safely shoot from afar. The odds truly are stacked against XCOM.

Concept art for the Viper – with and without armor

Oh, and the Viper spits venom too. The ADVENT administration is without mercy, Commander, so expect to see Vipers on the battlefield early on in your campaign, as you attempt to free humanity from these cruel overlords.

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XCOM 2 comes to PC worldwide on February 5, 2016.