As the fight against ADVENT continues, XCOM returns to the outlying areas and abandoned cities lost 20 years ago during the first invasion. It is here we start encountering new enemy units in War of the Chosen. Following is a quick debrief on three new unit types you’ll face throughout the new XCOM 2 expansion: The flame-throwing Purifiers, the stealthy Spectres and the Psionically-amped Priests.


The Lost – the heavily-mutated inhuman hordes left in the abandoned cities – need to be cleansed. The ADVENT Purifiers are best equipped for the job. Often dispatched to deal with Lost swarms or in civilian retaliation strikes, the flamethrower units cause low, ongoing damage to a wide area.

Not only does the Purifier create sweeping arcs of damage up-close, they also are known to lob incendiary grenades. Keep this ADVENT unit at a distance. Advanced intel suggests that upon death, there is a chance a Purifier will explode.



A Priest’s abilities are the result of genetic manipulation of ADVENT forces.  While they wield magnetic rifles, their Psionic skills make them a serious threat. 

The Priest can Mind Control enemy units, lock targets in Stasis and – in the heat of combat – there is a chance if they sustain mortal damage, a Priest may still manage to come back from the brink of death and shield themselves.

Priests also have the ability to boost allies with a mind merge – Holy Warrior.  This presents a challenge and an opportunity. Its targeted allies gain stat boosts, but if you’re able to neutralize a Priest while merged, the other unit will also die.



The Spectre is a newly-discovered humanoid alien that deals in misdirection. The Spectre is known to transform into a black nanorobotic cloud at will, able to Vanish from sight. 

Don’t allow this stealthy threat to get in close, though. The Spectre’s Shadowbind ability has been known to lock XCOM soldiers in place and create a shadow version that possesses the same skills. Be prepared to fight shadowy reflections of your own squadmates.

Be wary and keep your distance. Spectres have the Horror ability, which damages the enemy and heals themselves. The Spectres also possess lightning reflexes, making their nanobot form impossible to touch on the first Overwatch shot – so try to set up crossfire positions while stalking them.  

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