XCOM 2’s expansion introduces the Chosen, unique ADVENT enemies tasked by the Elders to recapture the Commander at all costs. Today, we’re introducing the Assassin, a stealth-based melee unit who prefers to fight at close range.

The Assassin considers her tactics honorable, but often exudes a demeanor of self-importance. She believes humanity to be beneath her, and this inflated sense of self-worth is in part due to her status among the Elders but also due to her unmatched skills in combat.

The Assassin, and her siblings, present some persistent threats to War of the Chosen’s expanded campaign. They kidnap your soldiers, grow stronger over a campaign, and can even sabotage the Avenger. Each Chosen presents its own set of tactical strengths and weaknesses that dynamically generate with each new campaign. They’ll even taunt you if they’ve managed to escape a previous scuffle and come back for more.

The Assassin has mastered the katana and almost exclusively fights with it alone. Her ability to vanish from sight allows her to get in close on unsuspecting soldiers for a powerful slash. The Assassin can also stun and disorient groups of soldiers with Harbor Wave, an ability that sends a flood of psionic force from a distance.    

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