The Elders are desperate to recapture the Commander in XCOM 2’s expansion. Among the Chosen tasked with finding the Commander: The Hunter, a ranged unit that can stalk its prey from across the map.

The Hunter revels in slowly tracking, wounding and disabling XCOM units in his crosshairs before striking the final blow. He grows bolder as he sees XCOM blood spilled, but his supreme confidence in his abilities means that he may underestimate your resolve..even as the Hunter actively taunts you on the battlefield.

The Hunter can perch in unusual places thanks to the use of his grappling hook.  From those hunting blinds, it can fire a Tracking Shot and target an XCOM solider from wherever they hide on the map. As soon as you see the laser-sighting beam, you have one turn to break line of sight before he takes the shot. The Hunter has also been known to toy with prey using Concussion Grenades and Tranquilizer Shots. Like his siblings, the real threat to your mission is that the Hunter will abduct your troops, interrogate them and try to discover the Avenger’s location.

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