XCOM 2’s expansion introduces new Factions, unique pockets of resistance unaffiliated with XCOM. Today we’re introducing the Reapers, a scrappy cell of human loyalists who live on the fringes of society and keep mainly to themselves.

The Reaper faction’s roots formed in the early days of the invasion, and this group of collective outsiders has been battling ADVENT for years. While previously the Reapers have preferred to favor isolation, a new change in leadership shows the group is now willing to work with XCOM to rid the earth of the alien threat.

The Reaper unit is an infiltration specialist and stealth marksman. With its enhanced concealment mode called “Shadow,” the Reaper gains access to greater mobility options over your standard XCOM soldier. Each action taken (including firing weapons) provides a chance for the Reaper to stay in Concealment. While in “Shadow” mode, a special HUD element will show the chance for your Reaper to break concealment for any available action.

Reapers utilize a powerful weapon called the Vektor rifle as well as a special Claymore explosive - a targetable incendiary device that, when placed and activated, does not cause the Reaper to break Concealment. We’ve even heard that the most skilled Reapers can attach Claymores to enemy units, turning them into walking ADVENT bombs.

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