XCOM 2’s expansion introduces new Factions, unique pockets of resistance unaffiliated with XCOM. Today we’re introducing the Templars, a reclusive, monastic group of soldiers that has dedicated themselves to pushing their minds and bodies with psionic energy to the brink of humanity.

The Templars – led by Geist, one of the original Psionic soldiers – stayed away from ADVENT and their city centers after surviving the fall of the XCOM Project. In their isolation, they developed an almost religious zeal for collecting Psionic energy. Experimenting upon themselves, they even created weaponry that taps into their latent skills. As ADVENT and the Chosen Warlock begin siphoning Psionic energy across the planet, the Templars are now preparing to strike back.

While the Templar unit can use Autopistols, it is primarily a front-line fighter, easily recognizable by the Psionic blades they wield. Those lethal blades, though, are just an extension of a Templar, amped with Psionic and area-effect skills.

Their abilities get triggered through the use of Focus, a combat mechanic that builds over the course of a fight. Focus enables the Templar to perform superhuman feats such as increasing damage output and mobility. They don’t start off as superhuman, though – it’s about making tradeoff choices on the battlefield: Does the Templar charge Focus to unleash more devastating attacks? Or does the Templar maintain that Focus and boost its general combat effectiveness?  

With experience, the Templar learns some incredible Psionic skills, but even initiates possess “Volt”– a Psionic attack that can chain to nearby foes at higher levels. Over time, Templars have been known to unleash Ionic Storm, a massive wave of lightning that will assault nearby foes. Some have trained to create a Pillar of solid energy and use it as cover. Those that further develop their abilities can warp reality and Exchange positions with other XCOM soldiers on the game map. These are just a few of the many known Templar skills.

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