XCOM 2’s expansion introduces the Chosen, unique ADVENT enemies tasked by the Elders to recapture the Commander at all costs. Today, we’re introducing the Warlock, perhaps the Elders’ most arrogant child, who has sacrificed his sanity by drinking too deeply from the psionic well of power.

The Warlock believes himself to be a god and, through his continued abuse of psionics, has grown mentally unstable. He believes he is the only Chosen who recognizes the true power of psionics.

Armed with his assault rifle, the Warlock utilizes a variety of psionic abilities on the battlefield. He can summon a flurry of spectral zombies to rush XCOM soldiers and explode when within range; he can teleport allies to different locations around the battlefield; he can mind control enemy soldiers and even infect them with madness, which can cause a variety of status effects. He’s also able to summon additional guards capable of deadly melee attacks to his side. While these guards are active, the Warlock goes into stasis making him invulnerable to harm.

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