While the last 20 years have seen the alien occupiers strengthen their grip on Earth in XCOM 2, many of XCOM’s operatives have taken this time to master new technology. One such individual is the all-new Specialist class.
Specialists are masters of tech, and while anyone can hack terminals and turrets in XCOM 2, this class has a far greater affinity for such actions. But the real key to a Specialist’s success is how he/she chooses to employ the Gremlin – an unmanned support drone.


Concept art for the Gremlin unit

The Gremlin is a new unit for XCOM 2 and can have a direct impact on battle in numerous ways. You can use the Gremlin to attack enemies. Or, you can use it to remotely hack enemy tech. You can also use the Gremlin to provide buffs to your allies. No matter how you use the Gremlin, though, it will cost the Specialist class its action for that turn.

The nuance to this unit will be in player choice. Will you use the Specialist as more of a support unit, or will you gear your Specialist to be more offensive-focused? Will your Specialist be a great hacker, taking over enemy turrets and robotic drones, or will you focus on improving the core abilities of your other squad mates?

The Gremlin hacks an ADVENT Turret and turns it against its makers

We can’t wait to find out what path you choose when XCOM 2 launches on PC worldwide February 5, 2016.

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