Welcome to the war room, Commander.

With the launch of XCOM 2: War of The Chosen, new objectives are being fed to you every day. Unusual scenarios like suicide runs against waves of Chryssalids, or objectives where you control Mutons continue showing up in Challenge Mode. To help ready your troops, we are declassifying the missions that will be available online next week. Just be aware that some objectives may change. After all, in war, no plan survives first contact.




MISSION: Supply Raid on ADVENT Convoy

LOCATION: Wilderness

TEAM: Gatekeeper and ADVENT soldiers – such as ADVENT Shieldbearer, Officer and Trooper.




MISSION: Protect the Data Interceptor Device

LOCATION: Subway Tunnels

TEAM: Grenadiers and Vipers

ENEMY FORCES: Expect a combination of ADVENT Troopers and Stunlancers led by an Officer to be in the subway tunnels.




MISSION: Plant X4 charges on the Psionic Transmitter

LOCATION: Abandoned City

TEAM: Templars, Reapers and Skirmishers

ENEMY FORCES: Be on the lookout for powerful units such as Gatekeepers and Codices.




MISSION: Recover ADVENT Power Converter

LOCATION: Sewer Tunnels

TEAM: Templars, Rangers and Stun Lancers

ENEMY FORCES: Expect to encounter everything from ADVENT Troopers and Mutons to Purifiers and ADVENT MECs.



MISSION: Rescue the VIP from ADVENT Prison

LOCATION: City Center

TEAM: Sectoid, Specialist and Skirmisher

ENEMY FORCES: Expect to encounter heavy resistance at the prison from Vipers, Faceless, Chryssalids, and Berserkers.



MISSION: Rescue the Resistance VIP

LOCATION: Abandoned City

TEAM: Sharpshooters and Reapers

ENEMY FORCES: Keep eyes open for Mutons and Spectres.



MISSION: Download ADVENT Power Converter from exposed access point

LOCATION: Sewer Tunnels

TEAM: Skirmishers and Grenadiers

ENEMY FORCES: Sources indicate that Priests, Sectiods, Codices, and Gatekeepers are in the vicinity.


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