In this recurring series, we take a visual tour of the environments that comprise XCOM 2’s tactical layer. Today, we look at the ADVENT City Center.

ADVENT’s power is an illusion, Commander. As shining beacons that promise a brilliant future for mankind, the City Centers play a large part in the ADVENT Propaganda machine and ultimate plan to strip us of all freedom and dominate the earth.

Behind each City Center’s alluring veneer lurks ADVENT’s sinister agenda. Dissenters are snatched off the streets and vanish without a trace, never to speak out again. Checkpoints regularly violate citizens’ privacy through arduous inspection. No one is safe, despite ADVENT’s efforts to sway hearts and minds otherwise.

Throughout the campaign of XCOM 2, you’ll traverse numerous City Centers as you undertake missions across the globe. ADVENT gene therapy clinics, restaurants, propaganda centers and entertainment lounges are just a few of the settings that will play host to XCOM’s struggle to reclaim the earth.

Thanks to XCOM 2’s procedurally generated levels, no two maps will play the same. You’ll see both day and night settings, and terrain that is more destructible than before. You can tear down cover and even blow holes through ceilings to cause enemies to fall to their deaths. You’ll never know what lurks within ADVENT’s City Centers, so be prepared for anything.

With any luck, Commander, we’ll tear down each and every one of these cities – brick by brick.