In this recurring series, we take a visual tour of the environments that comprise the world of XCOM 2. Today, we look at the Wilderness.

Last week, we showed you the urban landscapes of the ADVENT City Centers. This week, we’re leaving the cities and heading into the outskirts of the Wilderness.

Wilderness maps in XCOM 2 are easily recognized by their dilapidated buildings and overgrowth. You may encounter some ADVENT architecture, but the administration’s hold on the Wilderness areas is tentative at best.

The Wilderness maps not only provide us with a different backdrop from the iconography and propaganda of ADVENT territory but, in many situations, more open and clear lines of sight during engagement. Keep in mind this won’t be the case during every Wilderness encounter though, as the forests and rundown buildings are still prime locations for an ambush from a waiting ADVENT patrol.

In our bid to reclaim Earth in XCOM 2, you’ll traverse temperate climates, more arid locales and even snow-covered terrain. It’ll be easy to get lost in the beauty of these relatively untouched areas, but be vigilant, Commander. This isn’t some vacation we’re sending you on, but hopefully after we’ve defeated ADVENT and eliminated the alien threat once and for all, we can all indulge in some much-needed rest and relaxation.

XCOM 2 launches on PC worldwide February 5, 2016. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news from the resistance.