ADVENT’s advanced technology has yielded a new unmanned threat in XCOM 2, Commander: the Sectopod. It’s an incredibly mobile, bipedal robot that is quite advanced when compared to the initial Sectopods seen in the first war. And, like other robotic units (such as the MEC and Andromedon), it is immune to fire, poison and mental attacks. Psi Operatives, take note!

Dangerous area-of-effect and focused attack capabilities make the Sectopod a formidable foe to all of XCOM. Its Lightning Field attack emits a forceful blast in a circular area surrounding the unit. Its Wrath Cannon is an extremely high-energy weapon that deals damage in a long line, and can penetrate multiple targets, but must be charged first. When you see its emitters charging, run and hide!

The Sectopod is at its most dangerous when in High Stance mode – the Sectopod extends its legs and stands two stories tall, providing improved range and weapon reach. We should also note that buildings won’t necessarily protect you from the Sectopod, as it’s fully capable of simply walking through any obstacle in its path.