The Ranger is all about getting up close and personal with their adversaries. The Sharpshooter rains bullets from a distance. The Specialist’s Gremlin can give them a surprisingly sharp sting. And the Grenadier has a simpler solution to the problem: just blow everything up.

XCOM 2’s Grenadier unit is an evolution of the Heavy in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Equipped with a grenade launcher and cannon, Grenadiers can choose to either specialize in demolitions or focus more on making the most of their minigun.

Going down the Demo Expert path enables Grenadiers with powerful area-of-effect attacks. One ability, called Salvo, allows a Grenadier to use a grenade or heavy weapon without ending that unit’s turn.

Shredder and Rupture are other potent abilities available to Heavy Gunners. Shredder is an attack designed to disintegrate enemy armor, while Rupture is a critical damage attack that ensures the affected unit takes increased damage from all future attacks.



Which path will your Grenadiers walk? Will you focus more on developing Heavy Gunners or Demo Experts?



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