The Codex is a nimble alien menace mechanical and technological in nature, but taking a golden humanoid appearance. The Codex is highlighted by glowing white eyes and a thick black smoke emanating from its translucent skull. Operatives suggest that should you encounter the Codex on the battlefield, take it out in one fell swoop before it leverages its cloning and fast mobility in dominating your soldiers.

Our data shows that the Codex will continually clone itself should it take damage that is non-lethal. The unit will then teleport away, leaving behind a copy and positioning itself in a more strategically advantageous position. The Codex can also cast a Psionic Rift, disabling the use of your weapons and causing damage to any of our soldiers caught in the field at the end of the turn.

The ability to constantly clone with seemingly no limits, combined with rapid teleportation and a devastating Psionic Rift attack makes the Codex a foe capable of overwhelming our soldiers.

XCOM 2 is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux.