Up until now, all you’ve seen on XCOM 2 is the tactical gameplay. Deploying troops in the field, maneuvering around undetected and setting up the perfect ambush were all highlights of our E3 gameplay demonstration. If you haven’t watched our demo yet, we encourage you to do so now in the video below.

At Gamescom earlier this month, the folks at Firaxis pulled back the curtain on XCOM 2’s mobile base and headquarters, the Avenger, and now you can be one of the first people outside the show to see the full gameplay demo. Simply hit the play button on the video below!

The XCOM 2 strategy layer, which takes place within XCOM’s mobile base, the Avenger, allows players to own guerrilla operations from a higher level. Within the Avenger, you’ll allocate personnel to certain departments, recruit new soldiers and facilitate their development within an on-board training school, and manage XCOM’s funds and resources. You can even customize the look of your soldiers and their weapons from here. You are in full control.

When only viewing the Gamescom footage above, it’s easy to see how XCOM 2 could be a base-building game on its own, but there are two sides to the XCOM 2 experience: fighting against aliens with XCOM soldiers on the ground and building a resistance network around the globe as you try to reclaim the earth. We wish you luck with both when XCOM 2 launches this November.

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