When the Aliens invaded Earth, many of the world’s great cities were devastated by bombardment and bioweapons. Those mass graveyards and abandoned buildings have been left alone for 20 years. In War of the Chosen, XCOM forces go back … and find the Lost.

The Lost were once human, now husks that fill the old cities.  These heavily mutated things are the result of prolonged exposure to the alien tech used to subdue humans during the early days of the invasion. Really, they are mindless ambling shells. A single Lost is no challenge; however, you will never find them alone. The Lost roam abandoned cities in hordes. If confronted, they will start swarming whomever gets in their way.   

Worse, the Lost are drawn to loud noises. So, as you’re fighting off enemy forces, you’re potentially calling attention to your units. The Lost swarm in continuing waves, so don’t think you can hold them back. Eventually, you will get overwhelmed.

If there’s any good news here, it’s that the Lost are just as likely to attack ADVENT, aliens and XCOM. As you’re fighting back enemy forces, The Lost can show up on a map and throw everyone’s plans out the window.  There is a chance to fight back the Lost hordes for a bit, though. By successfully taking down the Lost with headshots, you score a free action. So, you quickly find yourself chaining headshots and making these micro-decisions while clearing out incoming Lost: What weapons are you using at the time? What’s their range and damage output? How much ammo do you have left? How close is the nearest target? Of course, at some point, you’ll be overwhelmed by them. One suggested tactic before you get overrun: Look for ways to lure the Lost to enemy positions and exfiltrate from battle before more Lost arrive.

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