XCOM 2’s expansion introduces new Factions, unique pockets of resistance that the Commander recruits to fight alongside XCOM. Today we’re introducing the Skirmishers, former ADVENT soldiers who have chosen to rebel against their masters.

The Skirmisher is an offensive powerhouse, capable of dealing with threats running the gamut from up close to afar.  An integrated grappling hook allows the Skirmisher to scale structures, but it can also help close the gap between the Skirmisher and its target - either by grabbing the enemy and pulling them in, or allowing the Skirmisher to fly towards its prey. Once in close, the Skirmisher may then employ its secondary weapon, a wrist-mounted Ripjack, to stab the enemy with deadly force. 

Skirmisher units also come equipped with a custom Bullpup SMG; with training, they can learn to fire it twice in a single turn. Skirmishers also have several skills to tap into that allow them to take extra actions without ending their turn. For example, the Whiplash ability lets a Skirmisher attack an enemy with an electrical leash as a free action, and Reflex yields extra actions for each enemy that fired upon them the previous turn.

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