Long War 2, the upcoming XCOM 2 mod for PC from Pavonis Interactive, includes some dramatic changes to all facets of the game. One such change is the introduction of a brand-new class of XCOM soldier: the Technical.

The versatile Technical takes some of the heavy weapons from Shen’s workshop in the base game – the rocket launcher and flamethrower – and combines them in an innovative Gauntlet secondary weapon. The soldier’s ability tree allows specializing in one or the other. The rocket launcher initially has a single shot, useful for ambushes or escaping from dangerous situations, and the flamethrower is best at close-in cone attacks that leave enemies aflame and unable to take many actions.

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Pavonis Interactive, formerly Long War Studios, is the development outfit responsible for great XCOM 2 PC content such as the “Alien Pack” and the “Perk” and “Laser Pack” mods